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With compassion, mindfulness, and a sense of humor, Ruth demolishes clutter wherever it lurks. Whether it is your garage, home office, or closet that needs de-cluttering, Ruth devises systems that suit your needs and organizing style. Once clutter is out the door, Ruth supports habit and behavior change to maintain your clutter-free space.

"I used Ruth's services to help me organize my move from California to Switzerland. I could not have done this major move without Ruth. I am by nature a very organized and efficient person, but the sheer amount of work, detail and emotion involved here would have overwhelmed me without Ruth's steady hand and practical support."
     - Carol, Santa Rosa

"I highly recommend Ruth Hansell for any home organizing project. Her organizing solutions for my home office papers and garage storage reflect her expertise. Ruth is an excellent, trustworthy professional organizer who would be an asset to any organizing project."
     - Sherrie, Rohnert Park

"My study was a complete mess. Desks, tables, and even the floor were covered with folders and papers, unshelved books, electronic equipment and assorted boat gear. In addition there were tote bags full of photo albums, letters, and financial information hauled from my mother's apartment when she passed away five years ago.

My wife put her foot down when I started using our living room for an office. That's when I found Ruth Hansell. In only a few hours, she rescued me. She helped me set up a system to file all the papers, part with the useless electronics, and deal with sorting the boat gear into storage bins. She made my study useable again and got me out of the living room, for which I (and my wife) are extremely grateful."
     - David, Berkeley

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